XO Strand Bracelet - Brass


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Description + Story

A true visionary, our journey with Pravin Chitrakar and his team of artisans at Craft Yala has been nothing but rewarding. His commitment to keeping Nepali handicraft alive and thriving is so contagious, we can’t help but intentionally design projects for his team to create. He understands Nepal more than anyone we have met in this process. He loves the people of his country and understands the problems the younger generations are up against.

His team is primarily men who have chosen to stay in country instead of going overseas to work with many of the "manpower" scams that keep men away from their families for months on end and pay them very little. There are over 3 million young men that have left Nepal to build skyscrapers in the Middle East simply because there are very few employment opportunities for them at home. As a result, families are split apart for months, sometimes years. Many men never return home because they cannot afford to or even worse, they die due to unsafe work conditions or starvation. This is a form of human trafficking that is rarely talked about and is a massive problem in the developing world.
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