Mystery Braid Band Small - Eco Black


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Description + Story

At Elevate, we raise people up to a higher position by giving opportunities that lead to holistic empowerment. Through our handcrafted leather goods, we are able to create opportunities with our artisans so they can provide for themselves and their families. The arrow in our logo is symbolic of our purpose: to lift people up to a high position. Our hope is that you proudly wear/use your ELEVATE products knowing that you did your part to lift up the life of someone in need.

We not only help artisans to create financial sustainability for their families, but also mentor them to become leaders and visionaries in their communities. They are now dreaming to help more people in and outside of their city to continue the movement!

“We love empowering people to become the people who will empower others!” -Co-Founder, Jessica Hotz
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