Rafiki Black Sandal


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Description + Story

"roho" in Swahili means spirit and kindness. And that's what we're all about.

We want to do good. We want to make change. We want all people to be honored for their craftsmanship, to work in a safe environment, and to be paid a sustainable wage. And together, we can make this happen.

It all started when RoHo founder, Caleigh Hernandez, kept coming across beautiful beaded leather sandals in the craft markets in Uganda. Struck by their uniqueness, she began her quest to find the source, which landed her in Kenya. Caleigh met Lydia, RoHo's sandal supplier and her 42 artisans, and they began working together to develop a vision for RoHo. While Caleigh's Swahili wasn't up to muster and Lydia's English wasn't perfect, they found a common language. Beautiful shoes are universal.

Since then we've expanded into other products as well! We aim to create opportunities for consumers to buy beautiful, quality and ethically made products that have the ability to empower those across the world.

We're so much more than a pretty pair of shoes/scarf/jewelry. We purchase products from marginalized groups, largely women, in East Africa. We create demand for these products, creating employment opportunities and the ability for these people to earn a fair and sustainable wage. We're committed to our artisans and are working together to break the cycle of poverty.
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