Lemon Tea 8 oz Retreat Tin Soy Candle


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Description + Story

Every candle at Bright Endeavors is about creating powerful moments. These are the moments when everything changes for a young mom. They awaken her self-worth, dreams, potential, and goals. They are the instant a young mom realizes that she has the power to write her story and open doors for her child. And no one can stop her.

At Bright Endeavors, this moment is a young mom depositing her first paycheck; it is her growing confidence making a premium candle; it is her satisfaction after a hard day’s work; it is her beaming smile holding her first certificate; it is passing her GED; it is earning a job offer; it is gaining acceptance into college; it is securing quality childcare; it is providing a safe home for her children.

By investing in young moms with Bright Endeavors, you can touch the lives of two generations at once: the emerging life of a young mom and the unwritten story of her child.

We invite you to light a candle and transform a life with us to make these moments possible.
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